mardi 25 mars 2014

Illus #6 - Odessa

I've finally finished my production, such a great experience ! 2 months for a 5mn30 short film !

The short film is called "Odessa" and tells the story of a city, built on land originally uninhabited near the Black Sea. 
During early 20th century, Odessa is a city and a port where large inequalities between rich and poor led sailors of the Battleship Potemkin pepare to the Russian Revolution. We follow the adventures of one of the sailors through the city...

I can't show you the short film yet because it's a work intended to illustrate a museum exhibition at MuCEM ( - The European Culture Museum). However, here is my pre-production work about visual developpement and lighting research. 

[Click to enlarge]

I'll post the short film as soon as possible !

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