mardi 9 septembre 2014

CG #17 - September 2014 (End of Internship)

Wow! My internship is already finished... That was fast and a very good experience for me!
As i said in a previous post, i was in a Parisian studio named "ChezEddy" where a lot of talented artists learnt me many things. During the month of August, i worked again for Emmanuelle Leuleu and Julien Hazebroucq on a new project which will be released soon. I can't say a lot about it but i can show you some images from the Directors Facebook's page. 

(Work done by Julien Hazebroucq)

- The two directors facebook page:
- ChezEddy's website:

Now i'm back to school, ready to make my diploma film, my last film as student with a whole team of great guys ! :)

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